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Kunci Jawaban Soal If Clause

Deasy would bu tens luxuary houses if she…(win) the lottery 

A. Wins

B. Have won 

C. Won 

D. Had Won

E. Win  

Indonesian people would be safe from corona if they…(keep) healthy environment 

A. Had keep kept

B. Had kept 

C. Keeping 

D. Kept 

E. Keep 

2020 graders would do UNBK if corona…(go) away 

A. went

B. Goes

C. Gone 

D. Has Gone 

E. Had Gone 

If i were rich, i…(collect) many branded bags 

A. would be collected 

B. Would collected

C. Would Collect 

D. Collected 

E. Had Collected 

“Why didin’t you buy those shoes ? You seemed to like them”. “I would have, if they had been cheaper 

A. i buy the shoes 

B. The soes were too expensive 

C. I looked for a more expensive pain 

D. I was not again the price 

If you…harder, you would…the exam 

A. Studied – Passed 

B. Studies – Pass 

C. Studied – Pass 

D. Study – Passed 

E. Study – Pass

If i were jennie black pink, i would be so famous all over the world 

A. I’m one of fans fanatic jennie, so i imagine to be her 

B. I”ll screame if i meet jenni 

C. I’m not Jenny Black Pink so i’m not famous all over the world 

D. Black pink is very famous in Indonesia 

E. I’m Jennie Black Pink, i’m so famous 

If i were a monkey, i would be able to climb the coconut tree efforlessly A. I’m not a monkey that really like eating bananas 

B. I’m a human being, i can climb the coconut tree easily 

C. I’m not a monkey, so i can climb the coconut tree easily 

D. I’m not a monkey so it takes a lot of effort ro climb the coconut tree 

E. I;m a monkey so it takes a lot of effort to climb the coconut tree 

I would be happy, if i got my body goal 

A. I don’t get my body goal so i;m so sad 

B. I get my body goal so that’s why i’m very happy 

If i were your ex-boyfriend, i would not leave you withput saying a word 

A. I’m not you ex-boyfriend so i don’t leave you without saying a word 

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